Hey, I'm Scott.
It's nice to meet you!

Born in the land of "y'all" and sweet tea, I'm addicted to sweet potato fries and feel happiest when I'm creating or outdoors exploring the magnificent world around me.

Back in the day, I was an amazing athlete. I'm refering to the one time I mustered enough courage (and panic) to beat the throw and slide into third base. I technically stood up before calling time-out and was tagged out, but who's counting, right?! There was also that time I tripped during a basketball game and came to a speedy halt near half-court as my flabby thighs screeched across the hardwood. I also tried to join the golf team, but decided it wasn't for me when the coach wanted to know what tournaments I'd played in previously -- does putt-putt count?

Since being a pro athlete wasn't working out, I decided to get techy during high school. I picked up graphic design as a hobby, ran the soundboard and video production at church, and joined the school's robotics team. Exciting, I know!

Since then, I've done a bit of this and that, including moving to Alaska to manage a zipline tour. I'm now living back in the Southeast US rehabbing a lower back injury (not zipline related). Woohoo! I'll be updating the site with some of my writing and freelance service info. Until then, connect with me using one of the links below.

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